Buying a Tuxedo is Better Than Renting

There are several occasions that you may need a tuxedo, if you usually rent them, depending on the occasion there may not be any available for your occasion. This is why it's always better to buy a tuxedo than rent one. In many times, such as formal dances at high school, weddings or large formal events such as charities or holiday parties, tuxedo availability may be few and far between. That is because there are few places to rent from and more people than tuxedos. This is why buying a tuxedo is more convenient than renting.

Tuxedo Shirts-
When you buy a tuxedo shirt, you need to make sure that all the lengths are correct. One of the biggest benefits, especially for bigger people or tall men is having a shirt that fits comfortably around the neck and has the appropriate arm length so that you won't have to worry about having sleeves too short or your belly showing from the bottom of the tuxedo shirt. There is nothing worse than having a tuxedo shirt that doesn't fit properly and your body parts are hanging out. Not to mention, it would be just the luck that you end up having to use the ruffled brown tuxedo shirt from 1972 that matches nothing and has more ruffles than a set of petticoats.

Tuxedo Vests-
Although it might seem like a lot of clothing, when you buy a tuxedo vest it helps to break up the white or other color of the tuxedo shirt. Often times, you can get the tuxedo vest in a different color than black. This is especially nice for weddings because you can incorporate the wedding color into your attire instead of wearing flowers, which may be preferable for some that have allergies as roses are the most common flower of weddings. These tuxedo vests often replace a cummerbund which can be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

Tuxedo Pants-
These are one of the items that you should always purchase instead of rent. Nobody wants to wear a pair of pants that potentially thousands of others have worn, you never can say what they may have done in them regardless of whether they have been cleaned or not. Tuxedo pants should be measured for your legs so that you get the exactly correct length so that you won't worry about walking on the ends of your pants and you won't be wearing high water pants that show an inch of ankle.

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